New Salmagundi, the only city that matters and likely to be the last. Consisting entirely of urban sprawl in all directions, it envelops the demiplane it inhabits.

Countless worlds are being snuffed out by an alien threat. No army or magic has been able to halt their advance. The lights are going out across the multiverse. When those lights go out, some of the inhabitants from other planes and worlds find their way to New Salmagundi. It is swelling as countless worlds go out. Here in New Salmagundi the lights never fade and the last, best hope for the multiverse exists.

At the city’s heart lies the Tomb of Forever. A dungeon said to contain the most potent wishing stone ever, the last, best hope for the galaxy. All adventurers who have tried to reach it have failed. Despite the seeming impossibility of getting to the stone, the city thrives and flourishes with adventurers seeking it out. They have become the backbone of the city’s economy. As the adventurers try to delve ever deeper into the Tomb of Forever, they train for the right to posses the stone. And in training, those with a sense for coin have converted dungeoneering into a spectator sport.

So come and make your name in the last and greatest city. Even if you fail, it is not likely to be remembered for long.

New Salmagundi: The City at the Center of the Multiverse

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