New Salmagundi: The City at the Center of the Multiverse

The first three days

When Torinn met Freya

New Salmagundi is like a planet-wide Times Square, packed with people and bright lights and magic. Newcomers appear there all the time, plucked from their home worlds on the brink of their destruction and transported to the city for purposes unknown. The city magically expands to accept them, adding extra floors to buildings or sometimes whole new streets at a time.

Dragonborn street urchin Torinn has lived here for her whole life. She’s been an orphan for as long as she can remember and has lived down in the sewers with her wise mutant rat master, learning the art of the druid. She fancies herself a kind of Robin Hood, and in her free time, she pickpockets newcomers and gives the money to soup kitchens and other people who need it.

Freya, a bard in a leather bear suit, arrived in New Salmagundi a few months ago and has been making money playing one of her various instruments in a crowded square. She’s good at what she does and makes enough money to get by. She’s lonely, though, and is afraid that people will find out that she’s a drow and hate her for it, so she never takes off her mask.


Torinn’s search for victims takes her to the square where Freya is playing her bagpipes. Freya has drawn a crowd, so Torinn takes advantage of their distraction. She easily pickpockets the first person, but fails miserably with the second, accidentally ripping off his whole belt along with his coin purse. He grabs for her, so she makes a run for it, though on the way she grabs the open bagpipe case on the ground in front of Freya that is full of the money she has collected over the evening. The man, who was making a lunge for her when she ducked to pick up the case, falls over her back and onto the ground. “That was cool!” Freya says cheerfully.

Torinn runs away, followed by the man, with Freya in the rear, still playing the bagpipes. Torinn finds an alley to duck down and does so, and when the man nearly catches up to him, she casts Entangle, trapping him there. She takes the money from the bagpipe case and tosses the case to Freya, who has stopped on the other side of the tangling vines. “Thanks, that’s all I wanted,” Freya says. They part ways.


Freya is playing in a different part of the square this night, but Torinn finds her pretty easily. This time Freya is playing her dulcimer, and has collected a small bit of money in the dulcimer case in front of her. Torinn plans to wait around until more money has collected, but before she can, she is recognized by her victim from the previous night, who starts to chase her. Torinn is wearing the man’s belt that she had stolen the first night. She grabs the dulcimer case and runs with it. The chase begins again.

This time Torinn makes her escape with the case, ducking in front of a wagon before the man and Freya can reach her. “Thieves, huh?” Freya says to the man before heading back to the square.


Torinn returns to the square with the dulcimer case, having already case Longstrider on herself just in case. She wants to get it back to Freya without Freya noticing. She tries to slide it onto the ground next to Freya, and at the last second, decides to exchange it for the open bagpipe case which has collected some money. Freya doesn’t notice…but the man does, and this time he is prepared.

He hits Torinn with a mace, seriously injuring her, and shouts that he wants his belt back. She casts Cure Wounds on herself and starts to run. Freya drops her bagpipes and draws a crossbow, ordering the man to stop. “She stole from you too,” he says. “Eh, I can earn it back,” Freya says. “I was just a little hungry last night.”

The man drops his mace and grabs his own crossbow, and shoots Torinn in the back, an attack that would have killed her if she hadn’t healed herself. She heals herself again and rips off the belt, throwing it at him. “That’s all I wanted,” he says, and leaves.

Feeling a little guilty now that she’s heard Freya went hungry the previous night, Torinn returns to her and gives her the bagpipe case and the night’s earnings back, as well as 5gp of her own money. Freya invites her out for a beer but Torinn declines and they part ways again.



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